Episode 17: Trends for the Weeks of June 24-July 6 Wearable Devices Move to the Work Place, Table Devices Overtake PCs, Goolge’s PR Push, and the Search for the Killer App



We discuss the trends and issues we observed during the weeks of June 24-July 6, 2014. We discuss four trends we observed as we  flipped resources into our Flipboard magazine (http://bit.ly/trendsandissues). We consider two of the trends to be major trends. The first is tablet devices. The Gartner Group recently published a report (http://tnw.co/1qOGbJB) that predicts that tablet devices would out pace the sell of PCs in 2015. Related, we saw a push by Apple to create more functionality for their tablet device, the iPad, by updating iTunes U–users can now create and edit iTunes U content directly on the iPad rather than having to do so through the Web-based iTunes U interface. The second is  wearable devices. We see wearable devices moving toward being used more in the work place rather than primarily as personal items. The two minor trends we observed were Google’s PR push and “easier” 3D printing software.  With wearable devices and with 3D printing, we observe that there is still the search for the “killer app” that will make these tools more useful and everyday tools.

We have one recommended reading for the week.

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