Episode 22 Trends and Issues for the Weeks of September 1-14 iPhone Hoopla, Speculation of New Tech, and Increased Reporting of Ed Tech Use in K12


Image from http://bit.ly/1uFNdBp

We discuss the trends and issues we observed during the weeks of September 1-14. We discuss three trends  that we observed as we flipped resources into our Flipboard magazine (http://bit.ly/trendsandissues). We discussed three trends: Apple’s iPhone 6 and iWatch, new technology updates and speculations about new technology on the horizon, and a potpourri of resources reflecting an increase discussion of the use of educational technology in K-12.

We have four recommended readings for the week.

  • What is the Blue Light from Our Screens Really Doing to Our Eyes? By Elizabeth Armstrong Moore http://bit.ly/1DfVTUa
  • Sign Language Ring Translates Sign Language Motions into Voice or Text by Tuvie http://bit.ly/1uFNdBp
  • Virtual Reality Camera System uses 6 Red Dragons to make 360-degree Video Magic by Richard Lawler http://engt.co/1mbIzuB
  • Sega’s created the Projection-mapped Kids’ Sandbox of the Future by Mariella Moon http://engt.co/1siuEzC

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