AECT’s Multimedia Production Division: 2014 Immersive Learning Award

Immersive Learning Award from AECT

Multimedia Award from AECT

We are pleased to announce that our podcast has won the 2014 Immersive Learning Award from the Multimedia Production Division of the Association for Educational and Communications Technology ( We received the award at the Annual Conference being held in Jacksonville, Florida (November 5-8, 2014).

From the AECT conference program Web site ( “The Multimedia Production Division (MPD) of AECT holds its annual award during the AECT conference. The division awards projects that have contributed to the field and demonstrate significant increases in learning. This competition is open to university faculty, corporate trainers, instructional technologists, K‐12 teachers, and instructional technology graduate students who have develop these interventions. The award has three categories: (1) The best Linear Multimedia submission, (2) The best Non‐Linear Multimedia submission, and (3) The best Graduate student (Linear or Non-Linear) submission.”