Episode 27: Trends for the Weeks of Nov. 10-23 Social Media Use in Education, Net Neutrality, Security Issues, and Product Updates

Image of a brain.

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We discuss the trends and issues we observed during the weeks of November 10-23. We discuss four trends that we observed as we flipped resources into our Flipboard magazine (http://bit.ly/trendsandissues). We discuss two recurring and two emerging trends. These trends are security issuesproduct updates and speculations, net neutrality specifically as it relates to connecting schools to the Internet and ensuring Internet access to the public, and social media use in instructional settings. 

We have four recommended readings for the week.

  • Open University: Online Learning must be Collaborative, Social by Kristin Decarr http://bit.ly/1tpdp0I
  • The Future of Learning: In the Classroom and Beyond by Amanda Schneider http://bit.ly/1v2HrMe
  • DOE Endorses Duke MOOCs for Teacher Professional Development http://bit.ly/1vv1hjn
  • 43 Facts About Your Brain That Will Blow Your Mind by Teresa Fischer

To cite the Trends & Issues podcast:

Brown, A. & Green, T. (Producers). (2014, November 25). Trends and Issues in Instructional Design, Educational Technology, and Learning Sciences [Audio Podcast]. Retrieved from http://trendsandissues.com/

Our next podcast episode will be December 9 2014.