Episode 92: Trends for July 15-25 Online Teaching & Learning, Hardware & Software, and AR & VR

We discuss the trends and issues we observed during the weeks that include July 14-25 as we flipped resources into our Flipboard magazine (http://bit.ly/trendsandissues). We discuss three trends: online teaching and learning, hardware and software, and AR & VR. Several resources focused on MOOCs, design and management of online teaching and learning, and instructional design of online. With hardware and software, there were a number of resources flipped that dealt with new updates for both hardware and software. Finally, there were fewer resources flipped on AR and VR than we have seen in the past. There were no specific patterns among these resources.

We have three recommended readings for this episode. They are:

The next episode will air on August 9.

Brown, A. & Green, T. (Producers). (2017, July 25). Trends and issues in instructional design, educational technology, and learning sciences [Audio Podcast]. Retrieved from http://trendsandissues.com/


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