Episode 2: A Quick AECT Wrap Up

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Image from www.AECT.org

We provide a quick summary of the latest (October 2013) annual conference of the Association for Educational and Communication Technology. Next year’s conference will be held in Jacksonville, Florida.

The call for proposals recently went out. You can find the submissions information by visiting http://aectorg.yourwebhosting.com/events/Call/



Episode 1: We’re Starting a Podcast!

Podcast cover art for Trends & Issues in Instructional Design, Educational Technology, and Learning Sciences.We’ve decided to produce a podcast that will be put out every two weeks. The podcasts will focus on a summary of the top three trends and issues we’ve seen over the two week span prior to when we produce a podcast episode. We are keeping the podcast episodes to under 10 minutes.

We hope you find the podcast episodes informative and useful.

Our first episode covers from December 8-22. Our next episode will be available January 7.