Epsiode 103: Trends for December 13-29 Hardware and Software Updates & Announcements, Annual Trends Reviews, Net Neutrality, and Instructional Design.

December 30, 2017 § Leave a Comment

2017-2018 We discuss the trends and issues we observed during the weeks that include December 13-29 as we flipped resources into our Flipboard magazine (http://bit.ly/trendsandissues). We discuss four trends: hardware and software updates/announcementsannual trends/reviews/predictions, net neutrality, and instructional design. We end the episode with making predictions of the trends we believe will be for 2018: more hardware and software announcements, instructional design, security issues, online teaching and learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality (with AR sharing more of the spotlight), and open educational resources.

We have four recommended readings for this episode. They are:

Have a happy and healthy new year!

The next episode will air on January 12, 2018.

Brown, A. & Green, T. (Producers). (2017, December 30). Trends and issues in instructional design, educational technology, and learning sciences [Audio Podcast]. Retrieved from http://trendsandissues.com/



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